Range of Steam Accessories and Tools 

Our Tecnovap range has an excellent range of steam accessories, steam vacuum cleaning tools, and kit packs to suit your cleaning needs and can be used with most of our steam cleaning machines.

july and radames kit
jetsteam trolleyJetsteam and Jetvac Steam TrolleyChewy Removal ToolChewy Removal Chemical

Jetsteam Trolley

Jetsteam & Jetvac Trolley

Chewy Removal Tool
Chewy Removal Chemical
Steam Lance Tool Geyser Lance Tool Steam Iron ProfessionalHEPA Filter
Steam Lance
Geyser Lance
Steam Iron
HEPA Filter
Upholstery Stainless Steel Tool Plastic Upholstery Tool Bench ToolRectangular Brush Tool
Stainless Steel Upholstery Tool
Plastic Upholstery Tool Bench Tool
Rectangular Brush
Brass Brush Tool Nylon Brush tool Plunger Nozzle Tool Nylon Brush 60mm
Brass Brush Nylon Brush
Plunger Nozzle
Circular Brush
Scraper Steel Wood Pad Triangular BrushVacuum Hose
Scraper Steel Wool Pad Triangular Brush
Vac Hose


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