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FEATURED - Jetsteam Maxi 8 Bar

The JetSteam Maxi is a compact but powerful steam cleaner that is ideal for fast chemical free cleaning of:

- Bathrooms
- Kitchens
- Toilets
- Basins
- Tiles / Grout
- Ovens

The Jetsteam Maxi is fast becoming the steam cleaning machine choice of contract cleaners and health care cleaning in Australia. [read more]




New Infection Control Research

New research from the UK’s Department of Health shows the necessity to implement new procedures for infection control in our health care facilities. It is no longer acceptable to use ‘traditional’ cleaning methods for infection control, as this report shows the comparison of these techniques against new technology such as steam and micro fibre. [read more]


bed-bug-removal Why use steam to clean?

There are many benefits of using Tecnovap's steam cleaning machines compared to your traditional cleaning techniques. Steam claeners are the most efficient way to clean most surfaces as steam cleans and sanitises in the one action while leaving the surface mostly dry. This results in reduced cleaning times, more hygienic cleaning practices and environmental benefits with the reduction of chemical and water use. Whether you're a contract cleaner, health care professional, hospitality cleanerr or a home owner, Tecnovap has a steam cleaner or steam vacuum machine for you.


Tecnovap Cleaning Tip
Did you know?
Removing chewing gum has always been a hassle, especially removing all the sticky residue. This problem is quickly solved with Tecnovap's steam chewy removal tool. It removes up to 500 pcs per hour by using superheated dry steam. Ideal for schools and public places. [read more]
  chewy-removal Tecnovaps Steam cleaning equipment can save over 80% of your current cleaning water and cleaning chemical use. Contact us today and see how a Tecnovap steam cleaning product will work in your facility and reduce you water and chemical use.
Business Opportunity  
If you are seeking the ultimate distributorship or franchise then TECNOVAP Australia has the business opportunity for you. Due to an ever growing market we’re expanding our distribution network across Australia and New Zealand to meet increased demand for our exclusive range of commerical steam cleaning products. [read more]   steam-demonstration


At Tecnovap Australia we have been solving customer cleaning issues with our highly effective range of continuous dry steam cleaners and steam vacuums for over 18 years. With over 70 steam cleaning machines in the range we separate ourselves from the others by providing commercial steam cleaner equipment that is matched perfectly to the client’s cleaning needs.


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